When water is put in a container, it is transformed into each different shape according to the shape of the container. But while transformed, it maintains its nature that is fluidity and flexibility. Likewise landscape design changes its look according to each different environment, but it would also have its nature. D SQUARE defines it as 'flexibility' and 'connection'. The former enables design to allow the ideas of others, to become a process rather than an outcome, to grow whether the growth is good or bad, and the latter does to make things meaningful by connecting people and nature which is their background, here and there, now and someday.


Currently an approach to design seems rather dichotomous. One is led by capitalistic mechanism; the other by ecology that preserves and heels nature. One can damage the balance of ecosystems; the other can overlook culture. One can be more market-connected, the other more earth-connected. Flexibility and connection here can play a role to balance between these dichotomous approaches